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About Us

Straight out of the by lanes of India

From all four corners and center of India, we bring to you appealing and appetizing served by street vendors & big hotels alike.

About Bomaby Chaat

Indian cuisine is a rich example of a collection of herbs and spices that align the many states and provinces of India. It is gifted in taste, variety and presentation. The food is a reflection of the opulent cultural abundance of a country where twenty-nine states exist in peaceful harmony, 122 languages are spoken and people from different cultural backgrounds celebrate themselves abundantly.

Street food is an essential part of Indian culture because the Indian love for food extends itself on to the street corners, by lanes and roads of small towns as well as big cities. Street food is tangy, spicy, sweet, crunchy and scrumptious. At Bombay Chaat, we serve Indian street food with a slight twist – a good twist, by using beer, wine and good ol’ chicken kebabs. We bring to you, the best of cuisine, drink and hospitality.

North Indian cuisine

North Indian food is thick, creamy and full of raw spices straight from the heartlands of the temperate regions of Kashmir, Punjab and Rajasthan. Tandoori rotis & naans are as much a delicacy as the desserts of the region. Tandoori cooking – slow cooking in a metal oven. North Indian street food consists of home style dishes like rajma, kadhi, paratha and also various chaats with spicy and tangy chutneys like ragda patties, samosa, cholle bhature. We serve a variety of authentically made north-Indian dishes that will more than fulfill your wishes to see the Taj Mahal or roam the streets of Benaras.

South Indian cuisine

The states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka constitute south Indian cuisine in India. It is known for its characteristic light textures, little use of oil and flavor of coconut and lentils. The south Indian milky Mysore coffee is refreshingly strong. The south Indian thali (plate) is an assortment of dishes that constitute a five-course meal, served on a banana leaf. Their fast food is the healthiest as it is low on the use of cream, butter or oil – consisting of idli, dosas, pongal, biryani, adai and paniyaram, served with a variety of freshly made pickles and yogurt.

West Indian cuisine

The diverse, easy to digest cuisine of the Western part of India is indicative of the relaxed lifestyle of the people of the place as well as their will to enjoy life. Maharashtrian cuisine ranges from bland to fiery hot, as does Goan. Goan cuisine is characteristic in its use of sea food. Gujarati food is rich in taste and variety, as it is universally famous that gujaratis love their food, and their sweets. Gujarati farsan is available in abundance, as is the delectable vada pav, bhel puri, pav bhaji and cutting chai.

East Indian cuisine

East Indian cuisine is the richest in its variety of desserts. Bengalis have a weakness for desserts like rasgulla, mishti dhoi and sandesh. The best tea flavors are found in the eastern parts of India – Darjeeling and Assam tea are famous across the world. Eastern Indian cuisine uses green vegetables and fruits in abundance. The food preparation is not elaborate and healthy eating is an essential. Chinese and Mongolian cuisines are a special delicacy of the eastern parts of India. Momos, puchka, alu chaat, jhaal-muri and several kinds of paans are very famous in eastern Indian food.